How does the PUTTING CHALLENGE create different contours?
  There are 6 contour points which lift up by motor to create the different contour combinations.
How does the ball return work?
  Each model has a ball return which lifts up at a 45 degree angle and returns the golf ball right to
the player.  There is a 1/2 inch high wall around the playfield which contains the ball after each
putt.  As a result, there are no loose golf balls that you have to chase or retrieve.
What is the putting distance of the PUTTING CHALLENGE?
  The standard distance is 5 to 6 feet.  With the extension (included at no extra charge) the range
extends to a full 8 feet!  We specifically chose this putting distance because golfers should be
able to sink a hole-in-one within an 8-foot distance.
How big is the PUTTING CHALLENGE and how much room do I need to use it?
  The actual length of the playfield is 118" (or 9' 10") with the 2-foot extension pulled out and 98"
(or 8' 2") long without the extension.  The ULTIMATE is 30" wide.  For optimum setup, we
recommend you allow at least an 11' X 3' area so you can step back and read the breaks.
Is the PUTTING CHALLENGE difficult to assemble and set up?
  The PUTTING CHALLENGE is a unique "fully assembled" design which lets you set up the unit IN
MINUTES WITH NO TOOLS.  The playfield and carpet come tri-folded in a reusable cardboard
shipping carton.
Is the PUTTING CHALLENGE easy to store?  How portable is it?
  The PUTTING CHALLENGE is designed to be easily stored or moved.  When the unit is not in use,
you can tri-fold the carpet around its insert and place it on top of the playfield which you can
also tri-fold.  You can slide this under a bed or store it away in its original packing carton.
What is your product warranty?
  We offer a 1-year product warranty.  We will replace/repair all parts that may become defective
due to materials or workmanship under normal use as described in our product manual.  We can
make this warranty because every unit is assembled and tested with the highest level of quality
and workmanship. We also offer Lifetime Assistance, for as long as you, the original purchaser,
own your unit.
What happens if my unit breaks?
  In the unlikely circumstance that your unit has a problem, simply call us when you are with the
unit.  We will be able to offer you technical service on the phone and determine what part you
may need.  If your unit is under warranty, we will replace or repair the unit.  If it is past the
warranty period, you can purchase the part you need directly from us.
How soon can I receive my unit?
  Once you place your order with a credit card, your order will ship within 1 week as long as the
model is in stock.  UPS Ground takes 1-7 business days depending on the shipping address.  If
you need the unit by a specific date, please let us know as soon as possible.
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